Therapeutic Services PLLC

Referral Process for ABA Services

Step 1: With initial contact of an inquiry from a parent, our friendly office staff will inform the parent that the client is required to have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder F84.0 and a DSM-V score provided by their primary physician to include a pediatrician, regular medical doctor, or a psychiatrist. Once the the client is diagnosed, the referring provider must request a referral for an ABA initial assessment. Navigate to the top of the website to "referral forms". If you have TriCare coverage, your PCM will have the referral information required and will not need one of our service orders.

Step 2:
Once the referral is faxed over or sent to A New Leaf, our friendly office staff will reach out to the parent within one week of the initial referral confirmation. They will conduct a phone screening from the parent to find out information about the child’s age, insurance, and brief background history.

Step 3: The child will be placed on our potential client list with information provided from the phone screening to help match your child with the perfect clinician.

Step 4: Clinicians review the potential client list regularly (weekly) as availability becomes available for specific clients and time slots with staff members. 

Step 5: Once a clinician has availability for a client, the parent is contacted to set up a FREE initial consultation with the office staff to get the child started and the family prepared for services. The referral must be in place prior to scheduling the intake for the client, which means the insurance has already pre-approved A New Leaf to complete an assessment.

Step 6:
The clinician then sets up a time with the parent/client to complete an assessment that is conducted at the clinic. Note: This can be done simultaneously the same day/time as the initial consultation with the office staff.

Step 7: Once the assessment is completed, the clinician will recommend a specific amount of weekly hours suggested for the client to receive services. The parent and the clinician will discuss scheduling as necessary.

Step 8: The clinician will complete an Initial Plan of Care for the client and submit it to the insurance company for approval. This process can take three days or up to three weeks.

Step 9: Staff members are placed with the client. The clinician and the client begin high quality services.