A New Leaf

Amy Lopardo, QASP-S

Ebony Edwards, QASP-S

Tracy Taylor, QASP-S

Marcel Martinez, QASP-S

Marisa Wilder, QASP-S

Photos coming soon for the following outstanding clinicians:

​Yolanda Wideman, QASP-S

Rebecca Nance, QASP-S

Ashley Long Harmer, BCBA

Assistant Director of ABA - Operations

Danielle Brickhouse, BCBA


Therapeutic Services PLLC

Jintana "Tina" Cutno-Wiggins, QASP-S

Angela Jones, QASP-S

Mackenzie Toland, LMFT, BCBA

Director of ABA

Meet Our Leadership Team:

Our Behavior Analyst(s)

&  QASP(s)

Haja Jallow, BCBA

Clinical Internal Auditer

Executive Education Coordinator

Our experienced and talented Behavior Analysts & QASP(s) are here to support the team working with your child and create and maintain plans for your child. At A New Leaf our top priority is making sure that our programs are the highest quality possible. What makes us the happiest? Seeing your child succeed and, of course, smile. 

Alanna Swiger, QASP-S